Event Announcement and Call for a Volunteer: Goldsprints at VMBA Festival, July 21-23 at Mount Ellen

I'm not a mountain biker. I haven't been one in years. I own approximately eleventy million bikes, but none of them would qualify today as a true "mountain bike." The closest one is my grocery-getter; a converted 1996ish Trek 930, which , If I have to admit, I have "mountain biked" on from time to time: 

So does that make me a mountain biker? I don't know, maybe. I certainly appreciate that the place where that photo was taken is right in my backyard, and I really appreciate that volunteers from Fellowship of the Wheel, a chapter of the Vermont Mountain Bike Association, put their time and effort into designing, permitting, and building it. 

My son, who I'm not really stoked to have on the road with me on his own bike yet, certainly appreciates it: 

And I'd anticipate his interest will lead me back into the woods eventually, probably tipping me over the edge to at least buying and riding a fatbike like his! Meanwhile, the mountain biking "scene" in Vermont has exploded compared to where things were back when my dad and I were lugging our rides through logging roads and whatever pieces of land had something that looked like a "trail" on them. Today, all of the various chapters of VMBA are hard at work, on the trails, on the access, on the landowner relationships and on the community. It's a wonderful thing! 

So that's why I was stoked when VMBA invited me to come down to their festival this coming weekend and set up goldsprints. I can almost guarantee we'll have the skinniest tires at the entire 'fest!

In addition to meeting lots of new people and hopefully getting them stoked on the Vermont Goldsprints project and mission, we'll be raising donations for Del's Ride and giving out prizes from Old Spokes Home, DrinkMaple, and others. What's Del's Ride? Glad you asked: 

"Del's Ride is a single-track mountain bike event and trail run to benefit Cure AHC in support of 8-year-old Delaney Johnson of Essex Junction, VT. 

Delaney has a debilitating disorder known as Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC) and epilepsy. There is no cure or 100 percent effective treatment for AHC, which is characterized by recurrent episodes of temporary paralysis, often affecting one side of the body (hemiplegia)."

I'll be at VMBA fest Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, for the duration. What about you?

That's not a rhetorical question. In exchange for bringing the sprints, VMBA has generously offered me a free "family" entry to the festival and I could really use a buddy for some or all of the days to help with setup and teardown. When you're not helping me, you could, I dunno, go for a bike ride or something? If you're interested, hit me up on the contact page

See you there,


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