Stuff... ...and things. Let's ride bikes about it!

Hey everybody! 

There's been a bunch of stuff and things going on in Vermont Goldsprints World and i have been terribly remiss in blogging about them. This post isn't meant to be an exhaustive recounting of all that so much as a list, an announcement about an upcoming chance to sprint, and a solicitation to buy a new sticker I have over in the shop.

Click to buy- half of the proceeds will go to Bike Recycle Vermont!

Click to buy- half of the proceeds will go to Bike Recycle Vermont!

Soo, anyway, Mad Dashes concluded back on April 7th at Simple Roots Brewery and it was excellent! We had a good crowd, got all of our season-long prizes raffled off, and had a heck of a lot of fun. I hope we can get back there to race again next winter! Really, it was a great racing season- eight nights, four terrific venues in Maglianero, Brio, Switchback and Simple Roots!


Then, at the end of April, I got myself down to Sea Sports Cyclery and Outdoor on Cape Cod and picked up a couple of bikes they had been holding for me, using the bulk of the Mad Dashes donations for the season in their purchase. What's this mean? We can have kids sprints now!


And then, in May, we did just that at New American Safety Day!

But back to April for a second- while I was off getting kids bikes, Christine from Old Spokes was shuttling the big-person bikes and racing rig up to Portland Maine, where the Portland Gear Hub put on an event of their own! More Bikes, awesome (Christine also introduced me to the phrase "Let's ride bikes about it," which I thought was so great I had some stickers made and now you can buy them. 

And what's coming up? We'll be sprinting again at Green Drinks at the Skinny Pancake on June 27! And it's a fund-raiser for Old Spokes/BRV! How much fun is that! 

There's more coming than that, but I'll  leave it here for now. 

Stay Gold, 



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