Results from Mad Dashes #2 at Maglianero; #3 next week 2/9 at Brio Coffee

Mad Dashes #2 went down last week at Maglianero. As I predicted, it was sweet getting back to our roots in a bike themed coffee shop. 

UVM Cycling was represented by none other than Charles M, who fought valiantly but still was nipped in the end by our reigning champion and high school sophomore extraordinaire Noah C. 

We even got them back on for a 500 later on!

So, standings:

Chris L. gets a point for showing up and two points for third place. Charles gets a point for showing up and three points for second. Noah gets a point for showing up and four points for first place.  Season-long standings as follows: 

Charles M: 4

Chris L: 6

Noah C: 10

Asa a reminder, we are off this week (originally scheduled for Switchback but they had a glitch. We're still going to have eight nights total though as I have arranged for a grand finale night at Simple roots Brewing on Friday, April 7. Check the Facebook event page for details!

We will be back at Brio next week on the 9th, same usual time (come at 5 and I'll be there, we'll race starting at 6 and be done by 7). 



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