Mad Dashes 2018- Coming Soon

Well, it's been awhile. And I haven't written here in that while. Rest assured, though, there will be opportunities to spin some wheels this winter. In the last week I've had two conversations with venues and event sponsors about doing some Dashes in 2018 and I expect those to bear fruit, so stay tuned. 

Why the lower profile? Well, two things: One, I want to refocus on the "social mission," such as it is of this whole project, which is thus: 

Bikes are awesome. There is no single mode of transportation or recreation that so perfectly combines the joy of freedom and the comfort of connection as the bicycle. Many of us know this, many more of us do not. There is a vast landscape of group rides, theme rides, bicycle festivals (film and otherwise), races, spins, and workshops dedicated to bringing more souls into the bicycling fold -and sustaining the ones already there. Vermont Goldsprints strives to be part of that landscape.  


So there. Number Two is that I started a graduate degree program this fall, and in conjunction with my full-time job and family obligations, it turns out that school takes a bit of your time. The cool part is it's an online program that will lead to a Master's in Sustainable Transportation from the University of Washington. So basically, I'm getting a degree in BIKES. Yay me and go Huskies!

My vision for Mad Dashes going forward is to do events that combine a cool venue with a deserving nonprofit and an awesome prize sponsor. I'm sharing that vision as broadly as I can, and then I'm looking for a little motivation on the part of those venues, nonprofits, and sponsors. This means I'm not going to be seeking out venues and trying to nail down a full-season schedule as I have in years past. I won't be soliciting prizes from sponsors for the overall series. I will be trying to connect with more local nonprofits and making sure they know I'm available to bring Vermont Goldsprints to them to help us achieve our mutual goals. How can you help? Spread the word! 

Like I said,  I've already got one of these events in the works for 2018 and another that's likely to happen. That's pretty good for what feels a little bit like coasting on my part here. Watch this space for dates, times and details!

And as always, Stay Gold. 


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