Results from Mad Dashes #1 at Brio Coffee-See You next week at Maglianero!

Well, Mad Dashes #1 for this winter is in the can! We only had a few racers (and I can only say "a few" because I raced, if you take me out of it we had "two" racers). That's OK, in fact, it's a good thing. 


Damn right it's a good thing, because none of you have any excuses about "Oh heavens  missed the first one now I'll never score any points and blah, blah, blah..."  None of that business. First off, everybody who showed was a dude, which means the women's category is still wide open. Second, it means the leaderboard looks like this right now:

1. Noah Chabot; 5 points     2. Chris LeForce, 4 points.

(They each got one point for showing up, then Noah got four points for first place and Chris got three points for second place. So. There.)

Remember, there are points for winning but there are also points for showing up, showing up on a bike, showing up with a friend, or even not showing up at all if you are going to a bike-related advocacy event in the area. That's right, you can show up with the slowest time of the night, bring a friend, be on your bike, and then skip the next night to go to a meeting in town about bike lanes, and you can still come out ahead of young and fast Noah here (who DESTROYED me when I went up against him.

Noah destroyed me. 

Noah destroyed me. 


Next week: January 26, Maglianero- sign ups and setups at 5, racing between 6 and 7. Glory available.


See you there.



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