Vermont GoldSprints Mad Dashes 2017 Seeks Sponsors and Indoor Bike Racing Venues



Hi everybody!


Matt Boulanger here from Vermont Goldsprints.


I realize it’s been awhile since we last convened to spin bikes with tall gears against one another, and there’s a whole lot of excellent fall riding in front of us, but I wanted to give everybody an update on where we are with Vermont Goldsprints and where we are heading into next year:


So, since we last raced Mad Dashes in April, here’s a few activities I’ve been able to bring the goldsprints experience to:


-In late April, I took the rig with me down to Cape Cod Sea Sports and we set up in support of their junior racers at the grand opening of the new shop. Vermont people, if you travel to the Cape and are looking for a “real” bike shop (one that is set up for more than just rentals for riding on the bike path) this is your place. They have an excellent mechanic’s area, lots of new bikes and a deep stock of parts and accessories- by far the best selection I’ve experienced on the Cape.


-In May, I was able to bring the rig out to New American Safety Day in Burlington. This is a day when many folks who have recently immigrated to the USA can bring their kids and vehicles in to make sure they have appropriately sized and fitted car seats. The kids need stuff to do while Mom and Dad get the car checked out, and of those things turns out to be racing goldsprints with us!


-Later in May, I scored a paid gig to offer racing to the employees at The employees who wanted to race put up a donation (which went to Bike Recycle Vermont). Big thanks to Dealer for ponying up some bucks to have me there AND for encouraging their employees to send some bucks to another great cause!


-A few weeks ago, Vermont Goldsprints was available for the third year in a row at Open Streets BTV; providing a bike racing experience to a whole gaggle of kids and adults alike!


So, all of that said, where are we headed? Well, number one, I and the racing equipment are obviously available for upcoming events, private engagements, and good stuff like that. Second, I am getting started on setting up Mad Dashes for next year. Based on past experience, I’m introducing a couple of small tweaks this time around in hopes that we keep having the kind of fun and racing intensity our participants have come to expect:


-Shorter season. The focus for this year will be on having events in January, February, and March. This is pretty much the true “off season” for most riders and I think having the races be more frequent and in a tighter timeline will help keep enthusiasm and participation levels high.


-Teams, Teams, Teams. And recruiting businesses to sponsor them. I think we could make great progress with a couple of company teams, and yes, my offer to come cook a waffle breakfast for the winning team stands this year.


-Season-long sign-ups and new shirts! I plan on keeping the season price similar to last year, but with that registration, you’re going to get a 2017 Mad Dashes shirt. In the size you tell me to get for you! Just like that!


The most important thing right now is WE NEED VENUES! So here’s the deal, dear riders: You find me a venue for a race, and you’re in, racing for the season for FREE, getting your shirt, for FREE. Venue requirements as follows:


-Must be able to give us a Thursday night in January, February, or March from 5:00PM to 8:00PM. I want to see if we can make the racing go off starting at 6:00 each night and have finals done before 7:30.


-Willingness to donate some prizes for the night and or season is a HUGE plus.


How’s this going to work? If you are interested in approaching a venue to host a race, send me an email at and I’ll respond with a packet of information you can use in making your pitch. If your prospective venue has a particular date in mind, you can get their contact information to me and I’ll work with them from there to lock it down.


Stay gold,


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