Points Scoring for 2017 Mad Dashes (hint: Make Teams!)


I've been working out the points scoring for this winter's series, and have decided to change the system slightly to further encourage folks to MAKE TEAMS for competition this year. Why? Because I think it's more fun that way. 

So, here's the deal- you can score points each night the following ways, cumulative point leader (male or female) gets the season win and whatever prizes come with it: 

  • Place in the top 4 for the night: 
    • First place: 4 points
    • Second place: 3 points
    • Third place: 2 points
    • Fourth place: 1 point
  • Show up:  
    • Show up to race: 1 point
    • Show up with a friend who has never raced before: 1 additional point
    • Show up on your bike: 1 additional point
    • Show up on your bike when it is below 15 degrees out or actively snowing: o additional point (be safe!)
    • Show up at a bike advocacy event that conflicts with a Mad Dashes night instead of showing up: 4 points. (it happens, and as much fun as racing is, we need people showing up for bike lanes and other important stuff) 
  • Be on a team
    • Race as a member of a team: one point each night. 

So, I've added points for being on a team and a point for riding in in really cold weather. I dumped the "grudge match" points because we never really used them last year. I formalized the "extra points for bike advocacy" category that we used last year. 

So that's it. Also, if you follow my advice and MAKE A TEAM the team scores will be calculated based on cumulative individual scores of all team members. Your team can win glory as well as a waffle breakfast with delicious Untapped Maple, cooked by me this spring.

Get on it!



Matt BoulangerComment