Mad Dashes 2017 Schedule Takes Shape

As I write this, we haven't ended November yet and I'm well into the run-up to Mad Dashes 2017. Venues and sponsors have been contacted, and while I don't have all the locations down the schedule is looking good. 

All of our proposed events will be on Thursday evenings again, all within January, February, and March. And, get this- it's looking like we have eight (EIGHT!) of 'em in that time frame. I've also cleverly avoided most college breaks so those crazy UVM cyclists won't have any excuses.  So mark your calendars, at least tentatively, as follows: 


January 19

January 26 



February 2 

February 9 

February 16 



March 9 

March 23  

March 30  

As in years past, I'll be getting to these events by 5:00 to set up and sign people up, but we'll try to pack most of the racing into about an hour between 6:00 and 7:00 so people don't feel rushed trying to get to the races right at 5:00. 

Stay tuned for more updates soon, and as always,

Stay Gold, 





Matt Boulanger1 Comment