Vermont Goldsprints is pleased to announce Burlington's own indoor bicycle racing party series- MAD DASHES for winter 2017. Dates and locations are TBA - Expect at least six race nights in BTV in January, February, and March-  at coffee shops, breweries, and other fun locations!  FABULOUS PRIZES will be awarded nightly, for the entire series, and for team performance. Racing will be by donation on a per-night basis OR sign up for all of 2017 for 25 bucks and get a sweet T-shirt OR up to six racers can form a TEAM for 99 bucks, race for the season, and you ALL get shirts! Proceeds from Mad Dashes keeps the racing gear running and gets BIKES in front of  KIDS at Open Streets BTV, Safety Days, and other bike advocacy events around Vermont and beyond -  and it's a heck of a lot of fun!  

Check out to sign up today!

Some of you might be wondering what's up with the "jeep" logo and the "2 bikes for 250 meters" slogan for Mad Dashes this year. Well, in Burlington, there is a pilot street reconfiguration going on that in part adds bike lanes to North Avenue, a critical commuting lifeline that was previously VERY bike unfriendly. The former owner of this vehicle has been a very staunch advocate of keeping the four vehicle lane configuration with no bike lanes. In addition to campaigning tirelessly against the bike lanes and driving this and their newer bright green jeep bearing the same slogan aggressively around local people on bikes, this person also claims to bike thousands of miles a year (on the sidewalk where no bike path is available and rarely if ever on the street) and claims to not only like it that way but asserts that we don't need any additional bike infrastructure in the area because hey, you can just take the bike path. Even when the bike path can't get you where you need to go, apparently. So, what's the only more brazen and pointless comparison? Well, why build any bike infrastructure at all when you can ride on rollers and NOT GO ANYWHERE, amirite? So that's the deal. The logo is an attempt to bring a little levity to a pretty sad and kinda ugly situation.

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