Race Results from 1/7 at Switchback

We experienced Episode IV of Mad Dashes at Switchback back on the 7th. It was a great night (any night that Connector IPA is back on tap at Switchback is a great night IMHO, but I digress). 

This is possibly the worst picture of me ever (stop being so skinny, Patrick) but it's worth it to show you all the MASSIVE Farm to Fork Fondo Banner we flew for the event. 

There was sprinting, too!

Local favorite Bubby and one of Switchback's own (in one of their bike jerseys, natch) duked it out for nothing but the glory. 

Meanwhile Patrick and Andy availed themselves of the meat sticks from our sponsor Vermont Smoke and Cure (and rode really fast, too!)

And there were results!

Mary L. took the winning slot for the women (so 4 points plus one for showing up = 5), and newcomer (to this season) Chris M stunned everybody by winning the men's division with a 9.73 time in the 250m final to garner 4 points plus one for showing up.  Morgan took second for the ladies and pulled in a point for attendance, for a total of four for the night and a solid position in the lead for the season.  Patrick made up for his defeat in the finals by riding to the event and thus grabbing a point, for a total of 1+1+3, taking home 5 points for the night. RJ grabbed a point for coming out, a point for coming on his bike, and a point for putting those commuter legs to use in a 4th place finish (3 points total). Newcomer Andy R grabbed a point for attendance and two points for a third place finish for a total of 3 points.  David H. and Coach Rob G. each grabbed a point for the evening as well. 

I would have paid good money to see a Noah C/Patrick M/Chris M matchup, but Noah was off doing this thing called Cyclocross Nationals, so we'll have to forgive him. 

Our season-long totals shake out thusly: 

  • Morgan E-B: 21 points,
  • Patrick M: 15 points,
  • Kevin D, 12 points
  • Mary L, 8 points
  • Craig G: 6 points,
  • Metal Charles: 6 points,
  • Dave H, 6 points
  • Chris M 5 points
  • Lisa C: 5 points,
  • Noah C: 5 points,
  • Chris L: 4 points,
  • Keith E, 4 points, 
  • Derek M:  3 points,
  • Andy R, 3 points
  • RJ L. 3 points
  • Rob G, 2 points
  • Other Derek: 1 point,
  • Jerry C: 1 point. 

As always, when I took up cycling I was told there would be no math, so please send in any corrections or protests that I might maintain total accuracy. 

The points race is still anybody's for the taking. We have two remaining events, and remember, ride your bike, get a point. Bring a friend, get a point, bring more friends, get more points.  I'll be updating this space soon with more information about the prize buckets for the points chase that concludes in April.  For now though, get Mad Dashes 5IVE on your calendar (and go on Facebook and say you are going and harass/entreat/blackmail all of your Facebook Friends to come as well. 

Tell them I'll give 'em some Untapped Maple and a meat stick for coming out (because I will). 

See you soon, 


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