Lumos Helmets and Mad Dashes- Better Together

Most of my interest in riding comes from the time I spend commuting to and from work on my bike. While commuting has many advantages, one downside is that you're tied to your work schedule, which means riding after dark and in foul weather. You're also tied (more or less) to your route to work, which for me means riding in traffic on busy roads. 

I could use all the visibility and help communicating with drivers that I can get.  So, you could imagine my excitement when about 15 people who know me all forwarded me the Kickstarter page for the Lumos helmet:

With USB charging, turn signals, and automatic brake lights, it's right up my alley. Turns out, it might be right up your alley as well, if you win the grand prize in our season-long points race at Mad Dashes!

How is that, you ask? Well, when the Lumos first showed up on Kickstarter, I went ahead and funded one of the helmets. I'm really excited to try it out and also to support the development of bike accessories that benefit commuters like me. So, I was already in for one. Then, Lumos announced a contest to be a beta tester, which I, along with several others, won! 

That means I'll be testing one of the beta units out on the mean streets of Chittenden County this winter, helping Lumos work the bugs out.  The other part of the beta program is that I'll be getting a FREE final unit in May of 2016. So the Lumos people asked me if I wanted to process a refund for the helmet I already funded. 

I asked if instead I could still pay for my helmet, and put the free one up as a Mad Dashes prize, and the Lumos people said yes!  

So there you go. The season-long points winner of Mad Dashes 2015-2016 will be winning a Lumos helmet! USB chargeable, automatic brake lights, turn signals controlled wirelessly on the handlebars and everything! How about that? Why, I'd sign up right now to race the whole season!

Matt BoulangerComment