How Team Racing Will Work

Adding team racing to Mad Dashes is a great way to enhance the excitement and motivation for individuals to get out to races and to cheer each other on. Here's how team racing is going to work:

1. Up to six people can be on a team. 

2. Team scores for each night are the aggregate of the individual scores of the team members. 

3. Team scores for the season are the aggregate of the nightly team scores across all events. 

Team formation is also a way to save a few bucks. If you want to race the season as an individual, that's 25 bucks. If you form a team of six and pay 99 bucks, you'll be paying 16.50 each to race for the whole season! What a deal! Get on over and register now!

Please drop any questions in the comment form below, and i'll see you at the races. 


Stay Gold, 



Matt BoulangerComment