How points racing will work

One dimension I'll be adding to Mad Dashes this year is season-long "points racing." Having people accumulate points over the season achieves a couple of goals:

  • Makes the competition about more than just being the fastest
  • Motivates riders to commit to events throughout the season because some grand prizes will be decided on points rather than just at a final event bracket. 
  • Makes team competition (more on this very, very soon) possible without having to aggregate race times or do math more complicated than addition. 
  • Makes things more interesting and fun!

How will this all work? Well, here's a draft score sheet I worked up: 

See that? There's points for winning, sure, but there's also points for showing up on a bike or bringing somebody new into the fold. More riders = more fun.  There's points for getting to the race on a bike. There's points for winning grudge matches. So, even if you aren't the fastest rider, there's lots of opportunities to stay in the running. 

Matt BoulangerComment