Goldsprints with Kids- lessons from New American Safety Day

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to provide small-bike goldsprints for kids participating in New American Safety Day in Burlington. Most of the participants are families who are looking to get outfitted with proper car seats for their children. This, or course, takes time, and while Mom and Dad are getting the car-seat check done, the kids are getting free helmets, food, a "bicycle license," and, because I showed up with a couple of kid-size BMX bikes and the racing rigs, they get a little sprinting action in as well. 

Helmets and sparkly dresses are always in season. 

Helmets and sparkly dresses are always in season. 

So, lessons learned-

- Kids love goldsprints! 

-Laptop screens are invisible in the sun! 

-Kids don't really care that the bikes are mismatched, but they figure it out really quickly. 

-Kids love goldsprints. Enough that it's worth saying twice. 

Matt BoulangerComment