The many excuses of #noexcusesmonth

Well, week one of my self imposed #noexcusesmonth has drawn to a close. 

It turns out I have some excuses. (Frosty coffesicles are not them). 

No, my excuses have nothing to do with the weather, even though there was a mixed bag of subzero temperatures and slush to contend with. Well, maybe it was this:

No, it wasn't the threat (and actuality) of getting hit by a car.  That happens, you try to avoid it, and I don't decide to ride or not based on my fear of getting hit.  The excuses for me came in the form of schedule conflicts and the need to transport my son to and from his school. Although his school, our house, and my job are all in adjacent towns, it takes an hour by car to take him from home to the school and then to get me from there to my office. It's an imposition on my work schedule that would be unjustifiably long on a bike. 

None of this is a surprise to me or any other parent who bikes. If we lived in a more urban density, connecting these destinations by bike would be doable, but not here in Vermont, even despite our best efforts to live near where we work and all that. 

So, maybe it's going to be #noexcusesmonth* with that big asterix at the end. I'm cool with that.

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