March is #noexcuses Month- Ride your bike and Win a Shirt

I am not, despite my best efforts, a year-round commuter. Without fail every year, sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I come off the bike for a while and succumb to car commuting. I don't like it. It's expensive, it stresses me out, and I miss being on my bike. I want to get back out there but driving becomes a habit. 

March in Vermont at the beginning still looks and feels very much like winter. But the daylight is there, the birds are starting to sing in the mornings, and the temperatures are starting to rise. 15 degrees in the morning feels heavenly when you've gotten used to 10 below.

The trouble with a car habit, even one stretching back just to November, is that it's tough to break. Your schedule adapts to it, your bike clothes fall to the bottom of the bin, and your tires slowly flatten in storage. Before you know it, it's April, and suddenly the effort to get engaged with #30daysofbiking feels monumental. 

I have always set March as the month during which I will cease making excuses and start riding my bike again. So today, the first working day of the month, I geared up, charged my headlamp, and headed out into a couple inches of fresh snow to make the ride into work. It was actually pretty pleasant. Where I could ride on the snowy shoulders, there was that delightful hiss of the 28c slicks on the fresh snow, and the bare pavement wasn't icy. My coffee leaked a bit and the first taste was a little salty, but I felt terrific- so glad to be back on the bike and so glad I didn't wait another whole month to do it!


I feel so great in fact, that I want to share that feeling with all of you. So here's the deal- comment below with your best #noexcusesmonth story. Tell me about the day you really wanted to drive but you didn't, what got you over the hump, what the results of getting out on the bike were. Or- if you are more into Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, make a post on one of those and be sure to tag Vermont Goldsprints (@vtgoldsprints on Twitter and Instagram, "Vermont Goldsprints" on Facebook . Best post (in my humble judgement) gets a "Rollers" shirt from me in their choice of size and a fistful of "Stay Gold" stickers.

If there's interest, I'll even make up some of the green squares above into laminated spoke cards and send them out. Just hit me up with your address in the Contact section of the website.  

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