Mad Dashes #1: Switchback Taproom: Results

We had ourselves a nice little Mad Dashes on Thursday night down at Switchback. 

Untapped Maple was consumed. 

So were hot dogs. 

People sprinted.


Ass Savers were distributed to some of our winners


And there were race results! Kevin D took home the fastest 250 meter time of the night, with 11.038 seconds for 250 meters. It should be noted that, these are matched bikes geared 56X16. running 23mm tires pumped to 100lbs pressure, on 4.5 inch diameter rollers. These times are going to be comparable across the series, but are not comparable with other Mad Dashes times, as I'm not sure what the roller diameter used to be set for in the computer. 

Besides me (and I don't count), we had eight excellent racers. Kevin D had the fastest 250m of the night, but Patrick M nipped him in the 500m final sprint for the win in the men's division. Morgan E-B, as our only registered female rider, took home the win in that division (she also held off an unregistered Switchback employee in a grudge match). .

In addition to any race performance points, Morgan, Patrick, Charles, and Craig each picked up a point for biking to the event. Kevin rode his motorcycle, which did not garner him a point. I have made the executive decision that Dave H. gets a point for walking, in that it might not be biking but no internal combustion was used in getting him from work to the taproom. Future walkers may receive the same points.  

So, after our first night out, the point standings are thus: 

1. Morgan E-B, 5 points

2. Kevin D, 4 points

2. Patrick M, 4 points (so tied for second with Kevin)

3.  Craig G, 3 points

4. Dave H, 1 point

4. Charles M, 1 (again, a tie for 4th here) point

5. Chris L, 0 points

5. Derek M, 0 points (tied for DFL)

I hope everybody had as good a time as I did, and I hope to see everybody and more next time, 12/3 at Magic Hat!

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