Happy 2015

Happy new Year, happy deep, dark winter, happy subzero days and sub, sub zero nights everybody! 

I don't have much to post in the way of goldsprints news, but that doesn't mean I'm not still bike-oriented in my life otherwise. Much, much more importantly, there are seriously great things going on in relation to bicycling in Burlington and beyond. 

Just off the top of my head:

1. Bikeable Burlington Now exists and is extremely active in organizing rides to increase the visibility of commuting cyclists in the area. They are working really hard to push a number of infrastructure projects, especially the re-working of North Avenue in the New North End.  On-the-streets advocacy had been (in my opinion) somewhat lacking until these folks got together and started doing their stuff.

2. Vtrans is working to solicit public input about changes that should be made to state highways to make them better for biking and walking. Check out the wikimap!

3.   CATMA is absolutely killing it with their expansion of transportation demand management (TDM) programming into more businesses and organizations in the county. I went to a meeting in November, and found myself in a room full of people, each of them committed to being an advocacy for bike/walk/bus transportation to and from their respective workplaces. I myself have taken on this position at my work, and stand ready to help my fellow employees transition out of their cars.

4. The Vermont Bicycle Commuters Facebook group continues to grow as a resource and community for those of us experiencing the unique challenges of four-season bicycle commuting in Vermont.  Glad to be a part of it. 

So yeah, good things happening all around with bicycling in Vermont, and this is far from an exhaustive list!  I am hoping to get a Mad Dashes series going this winter in Burlington, so keep an eye on the Mad Dashes page for more news as I get things organized. 

On a more personal note, Santa was VERY good to my son and I this winter, so you are likely to see us bombing around the BTV tandem-style on our new Bike Friday!  I'll post a more exhaustive review when we get some miles on it. 

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