Getting Kids on Bikes

Open Streets was a great experience. I got lots of takers to give the rig a whirl, handed out umpteen stickers and prizes, and had a a generally terrific day. 

Normally, the space above this sentence would be where photos would go, but I don't really have any because I was busy setting people up to race and all that. 

But I learned one thing BIG TIME. 

Kids love these bikes.

Kids love the idea of goldsprints racing.

Kids will LINE UP just to HIT THE START BUTTON to get a race going. 

My tent was CRAWLING with kids! Most of them had never seen anything like it. ALL of them wanted to race. Many of them were too small to fit on the bikes. 

So, I'm in the market to set up some kids bikes. I already have one 16" BMX bike, need to get another one geared the same, and then maybe some rollers or trainers. The setup already has four sets of sensors and therefore the capability to run two kids bikes RIGHT ALONGSIDE the two adult bikes. How cool would that be? 

I also have a tentative gig that would be much more kid-heavy around Halloween time in Winooski. So, keep an ear to the ground for that and hopefully some sweet mini-goldsprints action!



Matt BoulangerComment