Shirts are Coming!

Well, I couldn't do pre-orders, but rest assured, I've taken a little of my own cash and ordered up a run of shirts from to sell to anybody who wants them.  I've also changed up the logo a bit, so this is what that run is going to look like:

It's just a short run with a few shirts (Your basic Gildan white cotton tee) in sizes S-XL, but if you want one, you can find me at Open Streets BTV on September 21 or hit me up via the contact form on this site. $10 in person, $15, shipped. I'll have them in my possession by September 15th or so. 

And- if you are interested in getting a short run of shirts made, for my money,  ooshirts is the way to go- the design interface is pretty simple and the prices are reasonable. More photos soon when the shirts hit my doorstep!

Matt BoulangerComment