Teespring's a bust, long live tee shirts!

Well, the teespring campaign was never meant to be, it seems. Two shirts pre-ordered out of 42 needed to make it happen. Oh well, it was worth a shot. 

The good news is, I've found another producer with a lower minimum order and initial cost. With a little investment on my end and a little luck, I should be able to get some shirts done for sale/prizes at future events. I'll let you all know when they are available, but they will lilely involve my new favorite graphic, featuring bikes on a roof rack, a tractor doing a wheelie, and a manure spreader:

You know you want that on a shirt. I'm not sure if I should go full color or B+W. Should I still put the Breaking Away-esque "ROLLERS" text on the front with the tractor on the back, or just the tractor on the front with no back text?  I'm not sure, but I should still be able to sell the shirts for 10 bucks, and that makes me happy. 

Stay tuned. Stay Gold.


Matt BoulangerComment