Goldsprints at Open Streets BTV- September 21, 2014

Another just-for-fun Goldsprints event will take place in Burlington as a part of Open Streets in September. I have spoken with the organizers and committed to being there with the racing setup, stickers to give away, and more!

From the event site:

"Open Streets BTV is a celebration of one of the city’s largest public spaces -- our streets! For the first Open Streets BTV event, three miles of streets in the Old North End neighborhood will be closed to cars and opened to people. The event will provide residents and visitors with places to mingle, play, and shop, all while promoting healthy living and active transportation. People of all ages will have the chance to travel several miles of neighborhood streets in a safe, car-free environment, enjoying fun and healthy activities along the way.

Open Streets BTV will create safe, accessible spaces to come together and have fun, and be healthy by walking, biking, practicing yoga and more. We hope to hold events in different neighborhoods throughout the city on an annual basis. 

Open Streets BTV is inspired by the South American “Ciclovia” (pronounced see-cloh-vee-ah), which originated in Bogota, Columbia in 1976. The Open Streets movement has really grown in recent years, with initiatives currently taking place in more than 100 U.S. cities, as shown in the Streetfilms video, The Rise of Open Streets.

I am excited at the prospect of being a part of this terrific event. It's just what I envisioned doing when I started this whole project- get people on bikes in unconventional situations and build excitement and exposure for cycling! It may also be an opportunity to publicize the upcoming Mad Dashes season this winter.


See you there,


Matt BoulangerComment