Unsponsored Endorsement: Enhance Your Sprint with UnTapped Pure Maple Energy

Hang on, I'm going to ramble for a minute...

The name of this project is Vermont Goldsprints. The logo involves a silhouette of the state itself, right?  Right. But the only thing that says "Vermont" more to me than Vermont itself is Vermont maple syrup. And skiing. I really like skiing here, too. I especially like skiing with my three-year-old-son at Cochran's, a local family-run hill where I learned how when I was his age. 

And oddly enough, alongside the slopes of Cochran's are maple trees, and the Cochrans themselves tap those trees and boil their sap into the sweet elixir they call Slopeside Syrup.

"But wait," you say, "isn't this blog about cycling and goldsprints racing? Yup. It is. When I'm not skiing at Cochran's or putting maple syrup on my waffles to fuel up for a day spent skiing there, (or organizing goldsprints) I'm riding my bike. That makes me hungry, but it's hard to carry waffles and syrup on the bike. In fact, sometimes it's hard to carry enough calories on the bike to fuel the day no matter what. And the typical energy-gel fare available out there has all the personality and eye-bleeding weird flavor of gas station candy. But syrup? Natural. Sweet. Full of vital minerals, and delicious.  

AND- syrup already HAS an enormous cycling connection, in the name of Ted King, a professional cyclist with a known and well-stated affinity for the sweet stuff. Yeah, this is King's new business startup:

It's called UnTapped. It's an energy gel made by boiling Slopeside Syrup down thicker than its normal consistency and packaging it for easy portability and consumption on the bike. It's an idea so simple, I wish I'd thought of it. 

Energy gel in a flannel package? Yes please! 

Energy gel in a flannel package? Yes please! 

So, why am I writing about it here? Because I just put down a little dough at Indiegogo to buy a 10-pack of the initial run of the stuff. While I'm psyched to try it, I'm going to hold off for now and pledge that I will give these 10 packages out as prizes at an upcoming VTGoldsprints event, to be determined by whatever event I do that comes the soonest after I get my syrup in the mail. 

I'm also going to go pester King and the Cochran boys to see if they'd like to do a little collaboration more formal than me buying their stuff and handing it out to racers. Wish me luck, and guys, if you're reading this, let's get together soon and make some slopeside goldsprints happen. 

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