Bike Advocacy Break- Commuting on One Wheel

In addition to liking goldsprints racing more than anybody really should, I'm a big bike advocate and a regular bike commuter. I serve on my community's bike/ped committee and I organize Kidical Mass and indoor trainer rides. 

This week is Way to Go Week in Vermont, when people are encouraged to try different ways of getting to work. Friday is also National Bike to Work Day. For a regular commuter like me, it's just another day to and from work on the bike, but what if I had never done it before? What would that be like? 

To find out, I have decided to ride my unicycle to work on Friday. It's something I've never done before here in Vermont, and I think it will give me lots of perspective on the various barriers to bike commuting that many people experience. 

If we really want to get more people biking where they need to go, we need to see the world from their perspective, with all of their fears and doubts, not the perspective of someone like me.

So, if you see a guy on a unicycle somewhere between South Burlington and Williston Village on Friday morning, give me a wave!


Matt BoulangerComment