Write in, Get Stickers

I worked up a little promotional sticker set last week and put in my order with Stickerguy. I'm ordering 5.5 by 2.5" bumper stickers, but the design allows each one to be cut into five little rectangles. That way, my order of 250 stickers becomes 1250! The cut-down size is perfect for stems and top tubes:

Reminding you to "Stay Gold."

So yeah, corny pun, springtime, fleeting youth, Robert Frost, teen angst, blah blah blah whatever.  It can mean whatever you want it to mean, but it reminds me to keep it fun on the bike, even when I'm just training or trudging off to work on my daily commute. 

Want a sticker? Shoot me a message via the contact form on this site, tell me what interests you about Vermont Goldsprints, promise to like me on Facebook and follow me on twitter, and I'll send you one. Tell me if you want black or white, but no promises. 

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