Mad Dashes is back! 3/27, 7:30PM at ArtsRiot, 400 Pine Street in Burlington

Mad Dashes returns for another night of racing on Thursday, March 27th at 7:30PM!

Why, yes, this is the Mad Dashes made famous by National Public Radio in that piece they did a while back.  Give a listen, and then imagine yourself actually there, actually racing- YOU CAN MAKE THAT DREAM A REALITY just by showing up to ArtsRiot on the 27th and signing up to race. 

The format for Mad Dashes is simple- racing is free, drinks are on special from Switchback, KJ Gollum spins the tunes, and there are lots of prizes and local glory to be won. 

EVERYBODY races a preliminary 250 meter (13-16 second) round, then ANYBODY can call ANYBODY out for a grudge match for ANY distance between 250 and 2000(!) meters. After that, we'll construct a bracket of the fastest racers and run then off in a series of 250 meter events until a winner can be declared. 

If you love bikes, come on down! If you've never been on a bike before, come on down anyway! If you love making lots of noise and screaming in people's faces to GO FASTER as they contort in agony, COME ON DOWN and bring your friends so they can cheer you on as well. 

It will be fun, promise. Click on the photo or link above to go the the Facebook event page. 


Matt BoulangerComment