Happy Saint Patrick's Day- Goldsprints in DC!

The next Mad Dashes in Burlington is 10 days away (March 27th) but if you happen to be in the DC area, Capitol Hill Bikes is putting on "Pot "o Goldsprints" Friday night, March 21 at their shop.  (Don't believe the poster, they just tweeted that they are pushing the event back to the 21st from the original advertised date of March 17).

This is a good example of a typical goldsprints event, with food and drink available as well as racing. If anybody is in the DC area and ends up checking this out, I'd love to hear about it. There are no details on what if anything it costs to race, but it sounds like a great night. 

In fact, DC appears to be a hotbed of goldsprints racing, because the very next day there is another race taking place at The Looking Glass Lounge in DC, this one a benefit for some local cyclists who will be competing in the Red Hook Criterium this year:

In this case, it's pretty clear that some or all of an entry fee will go to that fundraising effort. The requisite food, drink, and music are all also going to be available.

I enjoy keeping up on other goldsprints events around the country because it helps me to conceptualize how making myself and my rig available to put on these types of events can be financially viable while also doing good- in the form of raising money for a cause, raising awareness of cycling or some other important effort, or just supporting the growth of an existing cycling community.   

Matt BoulangerComment