If you're wanting to race more than one or two of this years' eight-night Mad Dashes series, please register and pay here using the Paypal links below. Pre-registering gets you racing at every single Mad Dashes event for the 2017 series and it puts a little cash in my pocket so I can promote the events, maintain the equipment, and generally make this a sting a little bit less financially. Thanks for helping out! This year, your registration will include a sweet T-shirt. The picture below is just a mockup- we'll be working on getting more updated host and prize sponsor logos on there as well. -

This price structure is also designed to heavily encourage the formation of teams. So, you can sign up as many as six people for your team, for 99 bucks, and they all get to race the whole season and they each get a shirt- not to mention they'll be in the running for fabulous team prizes!

Sign up and make sure I get your name and address in the memo line- I'll send out a little welcome packet and some paperwork, and we'll see you at the races!

Team Registration
Individual Registration


Actual size, 9" by 2." Limited quantities. Four Bucks, Free Shipping. 

Mad Dashes Sticker

I'm early in the days of spreading the word about Vermont Goldsprints, and I'm really excited to be in touch with folks in the area and all over the globe who share my affinity for this weird little niche of the cycling world. So, if you'd like some of these little black and white stickers from me, just send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Matt Boulanger/ Vermont Goldsprints/ 18 Barrett Street/ S. Burlington, VT 05403 . 

Free just for asking or with any purchase. 


Free with any purchase or if you send me a cool one of yours!