Two bikes on rollers. Side by side. Going the same pre-set distance in a head-to-head timed ride, usually under 20 seconds. That's goldsprints. And this is VERMONT GOLDSPRINTS.   

I'm Matt Boulanger. I started Vermont Goldsprints in 2013 because I wanted to see more awesome bike stuff happen in Vermont, even in the winter when my friends and I weren't getting together to ride as much.

What began as group trainer rides in an after-hours coffee bar led to me buying a goldsprints rig from a local bike shop- and the resurrecting their local goldprints series, called MAD DASHES. I now run Mad Dashes in Burlington every winter. 

I also brought the bikes to events- farmers' markets, open streets and safety days. And I discovered something awesome: THE KIDS LOVE THE SPRINTS. Goldsprints is a great way to get people of all shapes and ages, including kids, on bikes and moving! Because it's a compact and portable setup, we can do it almost anywhere.

I want to bring goldsprints to more people. I want to put these bikes in unpredictable places, in a supportive and participatory environment. I want to get people as jazzed about bikes as you and I already are.  

And I need your help. Maintenance, web hosting, and insurance aren't free, and this is just a personal project of mine. I fund it out of pocket. I want to make it self-sustaining.

How? By bringing goldsprints, for a small fee, to your next trade show booth, employee team-building event, product launch, or really anything you can think of where you'd like participants to be engaged, moving, energized, and returning over and over to spin those pedals and rack up a winning time! Local to Burlington? What about hosting a Mad Dashes night, or providing some of your product as a prize? Either way, let's talk

Thanks for reading this. 

Stay Gold,