Vermont Goldsprints is dedicated to enhancing bicycle culture by organizing, promoting, and operating bicycle roller racing (goldsprints) events in new and unexpected places. 

What are goldsprints? 

Goldsprints are short bicycle races conducted on real single-speed bicycles. The front wheels of the bikes have been replaced with a frame that holds them up, while the rear wheels turn on rollers that are hooked up to sensors that measure speed and distance. A computer connected to the sensors projects the progress of the racers on a "clock face" style display and identifies the winner of each race when it is complete. Racers do not need any special equipment and there is no prior bicycle riding experience required. 

The small footprint, short race duration and fixed nature of the bikes makes goldsprints well-suited to a variety of venues and audiences. Please consider Vermont Goldsprints for your next shop event, fundraiser, bike festival, employee team-building exercise, or private function! 

Frequently-asked questions:   

  • What is a typical event format? A successful event will probably run for about 3 hours, allowing for an hour of racer sign-ups and about two hours of racing. The racers are brought up two at a time for a qualifying round of 250 meter sprints. Then, the fastest racers will finish out the evening in a basic bracket format to determine the winners for the evening. In the midst of this, riders are encouraged to call one another out for "grudge matches," which could be any distance between 250-2000 meters.
  • Who can race? Anybody! The bicycles are adult-sized and will fit most riders well enough to do a short sprint. Riders should be wearing sturdy footwear (the bikes have flat pedals and leather footstraps) and should not have any loose clothing on that could become trapped in the drivetrain of the bikes.